Would it be a Good Idea to Include Flower Patterns on Target Gift Cards?

The last time I received a Target gift card, I noticed that it was plain – that it, it had almost no graphics/flower patterns on it. And that got me thinking on whether it would have been a good idea for the folks who design the Target gift cards to include flower patterns on them.

There is no doubt that the idea of including flower patterns on the Target gift cards would have pros and cons.

Let’s start with the pros: where I have a feeling that including flower patterns in the Target gift cards would, in all probability, make them more attractive to certain buyers. Those would include the female buyers, who tend to be greatly attracted to flowery items. Plus, given the fact that these are ‘gift cards’, including flower patterns on them would make them appear better for purpose. After all, haven’t we all been conditioned to expect gifts to be packaged in colorful, flowery packages? Against that background, doesn’t the idea of embossing a gift card with flower patterns make sense?

But when it comes to the cons, there is no doubt that including flower patterns in Target gift cards would increase their cost of production quite a bit. Isn’t a gift card with flower patterns on it  likely to cost more to produce than a plain gift card? Yet as far as I understand it, the ‘gift card’ business model is one where the cost of production [for the actual gift cards] is supposed to be minimal. So if we have a situation where the production costs for the Target gift cards (whose portal is www.mybalancenow.com) is huge enough to be ‘felt’, that could possibly affect the gift card sales. I mean, having a gift card where 20% of the cost goes to production doesn’t make sense. Plus having flower patterns on the cards may be off-putting to certain groups of buyers – especially the men who tend to resent flowery things.

I have no doubt that the designers of Target gift cards considered the idea of including flower patterns in the cards. I also have no doubt that the weighed the pros and cons of including the flower patterns in the cards, before coming to the conclusion that they would be better off going for plain gift cards/gift cards without flower patterns.

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