Shopping for Flower Patterns at L Brands

Last week, I found myself shopping for flower patterns at L Brands. It is not what I had initially set out to do, but circumstances forced me to. My initial plan was to have the local designer create the flower patterns for me. The local designer is quite competent. I and her have a good (and longstanding) working relationship. And the flower patterns I needed were very basic – the sorts of flower patterns I would have expected her to create within an hour…

Unfortunately, that local designer told me that she would be away that entire week, as her cousin (who lives in another state) was getting wed. She referred me to other local designers, but they all seemed to be either too busy or too incompetent to understand what I had in mind. That is how I ended up shopping for the flower patterns at L Brands.

Having made up my mind to go shopping for the flower patterns at L Brands, I had to (first) find out where the local L Brands outlet is located. This I did by asking around. Some ladies were astonished at the fact that I didn’t know the location of the local L Brands outlet. But I was eventually given the directions there.

After establishing where the local L Brands outlet is, I proceeded there the very next afternoon. My plan was to buy a dress with the kind of flower patterns I needed at L brands, and then proceed to copy and replicate the flower patterns using the CAD program on my computer.

All in all, my shopping experience at L Brands was positive. True, I found the store assistants quite distracted (in a discussion about changes that had apparently been implemented in the company’s aces etm portal). But once they noticed that I needed their assistance, they immediately sprung to their feet, and proceeded to show me where I could find dresses with the flower patterns I needed.

Having gotten what I needed, I went to the checkout point, where a cheerful lady took me through the checkout process promptly.

And although I had a relatively easy time getting a dress with the said flower patterns, replicating them through the CAD application on my computer has turned to be a much bigger challenge. I just can’t seem to get it right! I guess I will have to wait for my local designer to come back from wherever she went. The task has turned out not to be as easy as I thought it would be.

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