How We Used The Flower Patterns We Bought From L Brands

In the last blog post, I mentioned how I ended up having to shop for flower patterns at L Brands. Our local designer had gone for a visit (in another state), and other designers in our city just couldn’t seem to get it right. So I bought a dress with the desired flower patterns at L Brands, with the objective of eventually copying and replicating the flower patterns using the CAD program on my computer…

Unfortunately, the task turned out to be much harder than I had imagined. I ultimately came to the conclusion that the money and energy I had spent buying the dress with the flower patterns at L Brands (whose HR portal is described at had gone to waste.

Just after I had given up, I had a chat with a certain lady who used to do embroidery in the 90s, and I happened to mention the predicament I was in, regarding the flower patterns. She requested to take a look at the flower pattern I was trying to replicate. After studying it for a few minutes, her eyes brightened up, and I knew that she had had an ‘aha’ moment. She then told me to hand her a piece of paper and a stencil. She started scribbling in a frenzied a manner, and I couldn’t quite figure out what she was up to.

After a few minutes, she told me to hand her a crayon set. It is only after 25 minutes of working with the piece of paper, stencil and crayon set that the result of her work started becoming clear! I couldn’t believe that using manual tools, she had managed to replicate the sort of flower of pattern I couldn’t get right using a CAD program. But she did it and I am happy to report that when all was said and done, the time and money I had spent buying the flower patterns at L Brands hadn’t gone to waste. With the help of the good old lady, I was finally able to get that flower pattern right, and I am now getting into the mass production stage, having already gotten the prototype right.

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